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                                But seek the well being of the city where I have sent you...
                                           ... for in its well being you will find your well being.




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 An Open Letter from the Director Of Jeremiah's Letter, Inc.

Jeremiah's Letter, Inc., is a 501c3 established in 1978 by downtown Dayton churches to serve those in need in the urban area, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Mission Statement and Vision exemplifies our twofold purpose: address the basic needs of people of all ages in order to help them lead more productive lives, and, bring the body of Christ together in service as a way of responding to His great love. Stated simply, our goal is to bring God's people together in service to aid the less fortunate of God's children.

We look forward to your support by holding this ministry up to God in prayer so that we may have the wisdom to do what God has called all of us to do: Love Our Neighbor!

In Christ,
Terry O. Bruns
Executive Director, Jeremiah's Letter, Inc.

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                                             † Mission Statement

The mission of Jeremiah's Letter is to bring congregations together from the greater Dayton community so that together they can enhance the daily lives of individuals and families of the inner-city who find themselves in need.


Statement of Purpose

The prayerful purpose of Jeremiah’s Letter is to facilitate the use of volunteers from the congregations of the greater Dayton area, who feel called by God in the serving example of Jesus to donate their time and resources to identified inner-city residents who are challenged by daily living without proper goods, services, and/or a spiritual well-being.  Emergency food, hygiene products, household services, educational and faith based opportunities; opportunities for youth through summer camps, ongoing mentoring and tutoring programs are made accessible through the resources of this inner-city ministry.  

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                                         Jeremiah's Letter Brochure

Share the good news of Jeremiah's Letter with others! Click here to download and print copies of our brochure.

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