Jeremiah's Letter, Inc.

Programs & Services


Project Blessing

Project Blessing is the largest, ongoing service of Jeremiah's Letter. This onsite program provides a safe location for free, hot meals to the public twice weekly, year-round. Food is purchased and donated and meals are cooked and served by over 1,000 volunteers each year. Project Blessing serves as a meeting place for homeless men, women and heir case workers from area agencies and social service groups.


Passages helps men, women and children secure birth certificates and state identification - vital documents for employment, housing, medical care and entry into public schools. The fastest growing program of Jeremiah's Letter, Passages helps individuals and families secure both in-state and out-of-state records and lifeline documents.



Each holiday season, Jeremiah's Letter matches families in need with faith communities, civic groups, businesses and individuals who provide food, clothing and toys or gifts. This relationship building program provides an opportunity for people to connect and offer support to local families for Christmas and throughout the year.


Other services and emergency assistance available through Jeremiah's Letter include:


 - Food pantries

 - Hygiene products

 - Household goods

 - Youth and family services

 - Education and faith-based programs


Emergency assistance is provided with referrals from local agencies and case workers.