Jeremiah's Letter, Inc.

Programs & Services



New Beginnings Package

Jeremiah's Letter offers a package of household items for individuals and families that have recently obtained housing. When moving into a new home, often there is a need for basic essentials. Our packages include sheets, blankets, plates, cups, silverware and cooking utensils. 


Emergency Food Pantry

With a caseworker or agency referral, individuals or families may pick up a box of food that will feed them for several days. The pantry was not designed to be a long-term sustainable resource to the community, but rather address the immediate crisis with the aid of food, so energies can be focused on seeking self-sufficiency.


Individuals seeking help obtaining vital documents find comfort in this program. Passages assists people in getting birth certificates or state ID's by granting vouchers. The short application process includes verifying the last 4 digits of the applicants social security number to help us track individuals who have benefited from our services, and a brief waiting period of 1-3 days for the application to be processed and voucher printed for local birth certificates. Out of state birth certificates require a longer waiting period of usually 1 to 2 weeks. Men, women and children are aided for the purposes of employment, housing, medical care and entry into public school.